• Complex tissue engineering and disease modeling
  • In Vitro Tumor Models
  • 3D Bioprinting in Space
  • DNA Data Storage

Complex tissue engineering and disease modeling

With the rapid development of biofabrication, stem cell, and tissue engineering technology, it is possible to reconstruct complex tissues and organs with bionic structure and function in vitro, which has significant scientific value and application potential in the regeneration and repair of diseased tissues, human disease research, and drug development. In recent years, our group has made remarkable achievements in vascularized myocardial tissue/myocardial compartment/bone tissue regeneration and repair through technological innovations such as decellularized matrix materials, precise regulation of stem cells, microgel biphasic bioink, stepwise suspension printing, and multifunctional bioreactor design. Through the integration of micro-nano manufacturing, bioprinting, organ chip, and other technologies, a series of works have been carried out in the in vitro pathological models such as blood-brain barrier and pulmonary fibrosis.