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Xiong Zhuo research group (BRE labs) Recruit postdocs and research assistants

Location: Lee Shau Kee Science and Technology Building, Haidian District, Beijing, China

1. Introduction of BRE Lab and PI

With the support of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua University, the Biomanufacturing Center carries out this work. The BRE uses the 111 Program "Biomanufacturing and in Vitro Life System Engineering" as an interdisciplinary innovation and introduction base (" 111 "base), Beijing Key Laboratory of Biomanufacturing and Rapid Prototyping Technology, and Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for 3D Bioprinting as the main research platforms. There are nearly 1,000 square meters of laboratory space, with a strong hardware foundation and team support.

Xiong Zhuo, the leader of the group, is a long-time professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua University, as well as a vice president of the Beijing Mechanical Engineering Society and deputy director of the Beijing Key Laboratory for Biomanufacturing and Rapid Prototyping. In the emerging field of biomanufacturing and applying 3D printing technology to the biomedical field, he is one of the earliest researchers to enter the field. In 1999, he began to research 3D bioprinting and presided over the first project funded by the National Foundation Committee in the field of cellular 3D printing in 2004. His achievements, including low-temperature deposition manufacturing and cellular 3D printing, were recognized by the Ministry of Education twice as being at the international leading level. He was awarded the Beijing Science and Technology Prize.  

Professor Xiong Zhuo has published over 100 articles in Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, Advanced Functional Materials, Biomaterials, Small, and other journals as a corresponding author with 3296 citations in SCOPUS and 32 H-factors, as well as obtaining more than 30 Chinese invention patents. Our group has taken part in key projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), as well as projects of ministries and commissions, which provide sufficient financial support for research. In addition to maintaining a good working relationship with Columbia University, Harvard University, Imperial College London, and University of Nuremberg, we provide active support to members of our team who wish to study abroad or participate in exchange programs.

Required Directions

3D bioprinting and bio-manufacturing; Biomaterials; Directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells; Tumor models and organ chips in vitro; 3D bioprinting in space; DNA information storage and micro-nano manufacturing.

All of the above directions recruit postdocs on a permanent basis.

2. Required Positions

Position 1: Postdoctoral (permanent)

(1)  Recruitment requirements:

l You will obtain or has already obtained a doctoral degree from a renowned university or research institution inside or outside, is not older than 35 years old, and the duration of obtaining a doctoral degree is generally not more than 3 years;

l Excellent both in character and learning, healthy both in body and mind, love scientific research, have a strong sense of responsibility, subjective initiative and team spirit, full of creativity and execution;

l With a related Educational background and research experience;

l Have published high quality research papers as first author;

l Good English communication, reading and writing skills.

(2)  Job Requirements/Responsibilities:

l Full-time work;

l Cooperate with the co-supervisor to carry out related project research, publish high-quality academic papers or apply for invention patents with transformational value;

l Mainly engaged in research work, the team is equipped with specialized financial and administrative personnel, and there is no need for you to undertake affairs unrelated to scientific research work.

(3)  Job Benefits:

l Competitive salary, discussed personally.

l During the period of postdoctoral station, postdocs can rent postdoctoral apartments or enjoy rental subsidies according to the university regulations, enjoy the treatment of children's admission to the park (school), social insurance for faculty and staff, housing provident fund, etc., and enjoy the policies of the National Association of doctors Management on the household registration of postdocs who have been discharged from the doctoral station, as well as the household registration of their family members;

l Support the application of Tsinghua University "shuimu Scholars" project, enjoy more favorable salary treatment;

l pay attention to the postdoctoral net of Tsinghua university to more postdoctoral policies:

(4)  Personal Development and Cultivation:

l Give full consideration to the career development of postdocs, actively support and help them apply for national and provincial research projects, and provide opportunities to participate in high-level academic conferences or academic exchanges at home and abroad;

l According to personal development plan, permanent research positions in relevant research institutions in Beijing and other cities can be recommended.

Position 2: research assistants (1)

(1)  Recruitment requirements:

l One has Research experience in cell culture and biomaterials development is preferred;

l Master's degree or above from well-known universities or research institutions at home and abroad, bachelor's degree may be considered for excellence;

l healthy both in body and mind, willing to participate in research, have a strong sense of responsibility, subjective initiative and team spirit;

l Good English reading, writing and literature research skills are preferred.

(2)  Job Requirements/Responsibilities:

l Full-time work;

l Participate in related research projects (literature research, experiments, writing academic reports (articles) etc.);

l Assist in daily management of our research group.

(3)  Job Benefits:

l Enjoy the benefits of non-career personnel of Tsinghua University, including faculty social insurance, housing provident fund, etc., in accordance with the relevant regulations of contract personnel of Tsinghua University;

l Salary is negotiable for good candidates.

(4)  Personal Development and Cultivation:

l Give full consideration to personal career development, actively support and help them apply for further study positions in the research group, and provide opportunities to participate in high-level academic conferences or academic exchanges at home and abroad.

3. Application Method:

Please send the application materials (including a resume, summary of research experience, representative research results, etc.) to: The subject line of the email should be "Name - Graduated University - Job Title".

A phone call will be made to the candidate to arrange the interview, and no further communication will be sent to the candidate who has not been notified of the interview. Applicants who pass the interview may begin work immediately. All application materials will be kept strictly confidential.